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Elisor Coin is a self-evolving virtual encryption currency platform that will be used for the health of the world. Elisor Coin's transaction, transfer fees, etc. will be used for the health and sanitation of the world.

The Elisor Coin platform is a real-life coin with the most light block chains and sub-10-second transfer speeds, and it is a self-evolving decentralized type of money that can be mined at low cost, avoiding an enormous amount of electricity consuming mining methods such as conventional GPU, ASIC and X11 The block chain of Elisor Coin is a version of a secured and modified the block chain of the existing bit coin to make it lighter and smaller.

It also has the fastest transfer rate of virtual money, thus making it a virtual currency that can be used in real life as money. Elisor Coin offers electronic wallets that respond to a variety of devices. Elisor Coin wallets can be used on any operating system worldwide, including smart phones and PCs (Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix). Elisor Coin wallets can also be well used in future operating systems. Elisor Coin is also the only virtual currency that further develops the stable X13-II algorithm and can be mined on smart phones.

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