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We invite you to the world of lightweight, fast transfer speed and stable block chain 3.0
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Support for future operating systems beyond Windows, Mac, and Linux!

Elisor Coin electronic wallet can be used on all current operating systems,
including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and IOS, as well as in previous operating systems.

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Elisor Coin leads the trend of virtual currency with new technology that developed block chain technology one more step.


Meet Elisor Coin new technology. Eliza coin, which leads new technology of true electronic money, leads the trend of virtual currency with advanced technology.
You can cooperate with future electronic money elizor coin.

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Anyone can download and use Elisor Coin wallet that runs on various operating systems.
We currently support Windows, Android, Web wallet, and will support IOS, Mac, and Linux wallets.

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Do you have a genuine miner of Elisor Coin? You can join now and start mining right away. Elisor Coin provides mining pools to all members.

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